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December 10, 2015 – 02:47 am
APA Dictionary of Psychology

A pre-purchase version that samples 100 entries from the full APA Concise Dictionary app, an invaluable resource from the largest association of professional psychologists in the world. Familiarize yourself with the entry search and browse functions, see abbreviations and alternative spellings, add notes about definitions, and mark terms as favorites. Search term suggestions, search history, and a bookcase also are offered. Additional features available only in the full app include access to 10, 000 comprehensive entries, direct linking between cross-references, and Word of the Day and Historical Figures in Psychology pop-ups.

Typical of APA
by spartytom

Leave it to APA to charge so much for something so basic. The free version is basically useless - a few terms per letter and all other features locked out. And $30 for information you could pick off a standard internet search? Not worth it. Not surprisingly, APA seems more interested in the money, and has completely overshot a reasonable price-point.

by SaguaroMan

Absolutely useless... Can't even see what it might be able to do unless you can magically guess the few terms included.

by mon26.2

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