Clinical Psychology Programs in TexasJune 3, 2019 – 09:15 am

Clinical Psychology Programs in Texas

The Clinical program espouses a blend of the clinical-scientist model and the scientist-practitioner model, integrating the full range of research, teaching, and applied skills in training doctoral students. We view research and applied skills as interwoven rather than as two discrete sets of skills. As a result, our graduates acquire the foundation for pursuing a strong clinical scientist career in an academic or research setting, as well as a robust… Whatis the latest for herpes cure 2018 development in HSV cure read the latest update from source

Counseling VS Clinical PsychologyMay 10, 2019 – 08:59 am

Counseling VS Clinical Psychology

For many people, the difference between a clinical psychologists and a counseling psychologist is confusing, but with some explanation, it’s very easy to discern the two. If you’re interested in studying psychology though, then it’s important to know the difference between the two. Typically the two professions perform similar work as both researchers and practitioners. Additionally, individuals from both sides often work together in a number of settings…

APA Accredited Clinical Psychology Programs OnlineApril 28, 2019 – 08:58 am

APA Accredited Clinical Psychology Programs Online

A professional who wants to earn their Psy.D. degree in clinical psychology should ensure that the program is certified by a major accrediting body in the United States. This will help to ensure that your doctoral degree adheres to the highest possible standards of quality in the United States.It also will ensure that potential employers will recognize that your Psy.D. comes from a highly rigorous program. This is very important to think about, when…

Clinical Psychology Programs BostonApril 16, 2019 – 08:52 am

Clinical Psychology Programs Boston

Welcome! As Director of Training in the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program at the Lynch School of Education, and on behalf of our faculty and students, I thank you for your interest in our training program. The Boston College program began when a handful of visionaries decided to leverage the enormous strengths of Boston College and the vibrant Boston psychological community to train Counseling Psychologists equipped to advocate for social justice…

University of Wisconsin Madison Clinical PsychologyMarch 29, 2019 – 08:47 am

University of Wisconsin Madison Clinical Psychology

The University of Wisconsin Clinical Psychology Internship offers clinical science training in three tracks, Adult, Child, and Health Psychology . We feature training in evidence-based clinical practice. Our core program is structured, yet flexible. We strongly encourage self-directed learning and the pursuit of elective experiences. Ours is a rich, stimulating, and vital training milieu characterized by invigorating discussion and collaborative clinical…

Doctoral Programs in Clinical PsychologyMarch 17, 2019 – 08:43 am

Doctoral Programs in Clinical Psychology

Request / Apply Now To view information about Nova Southeastern University or to apply now, use one of the options below. View Our Catalog The Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology is based on a scientist-practitioner training model. Accordingly, its goals are to train future psychologists to (1) understand the core science areas of the discipline, (2) contribute to the knowledge base through active scholarship and research that focuses on evaluating…

Exercise Psychology JobsMarch 11, 2019 – 08:42 am

Exercise Psychology Jobs

Sean Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. John F. Kennedy University As a young academic, I have been fortunate to interview or speak with a number of individuals who are considering graduate training in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Most come from psychology undergraduate programs and were athletes in high school or college. Many prospective consultants find the field in a happenstance manner: they were looking for additional units to take and found a Sport and Exercise…