Psychology of smileMay 9, 2021 – 07:50 am

Psychology of smile

A smile is a unique and multifunctional psychological tool that helps people in the most difficult situations. For many millennia of evolution, man has brought the art of smiling to perfection. Having mastered it, you will become not only desirable, attractive, successful, but also physically healthier. You don t need to learn to smile because it is an innate expressive response. Even higher animals are able to smile: dogs, horses, dolphins, monkeys… nectar ai review

Washington State Psychological AssociationSeptember 21, 2016 – 07:25 am

Washington State Psychological Association

Is to support psychologists and psychologists-in-training and to promote the practice of psychology in order to maintain the vitality of the profession in the public interest.The Washington State Psychological Association has been the organization representing the profession of psychology in the State of Washington for more than 60 years. It is recognized at the national level for both its success in legislative activism and professional support…

Psychologists CareerSeptember 18, 2016 – 07:09 am

Psychologists Career

Psychologists study cognitive, emotional, and social processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate to one another and their environments. Duties Psychologists typically do the following: Conduct scientific studies of behavior and brain function Collect information through observations, interviews, surveys, and other methods Research and identify behavioral or emotional patterns Test for patterns that will…

Subjects in PsychologySeptember 16, 2016 – 07:02 am

Subjects in Psychology

Many employers will be interested in the transferable skills that you gain through studying psychology. Most of our graduates apply their skills in other fields, particularly those involving working with people and/or problem solving and communication. Possible career destinations include personnel, management, social work, public services, counselling and advertising. Alternatively you could pursue further training in specific fields of psychological…

Psychologist Average SalarySeptember 14, 2016 – 06:51 am

Psychologist Average Salary

Clinical psychologists may specialize in children or adults. Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images After years of specialized education, psychologists may begin careers in a variety of work environments and with equally variable salaries. The starting salary of a psychologist in any discipline is significantly higher than the average U.S. salary, though markedly lower than the average salary earned with experience. Even within the field of psychology…

What to do with my Psychology Degree?August 22, 2016 – 01:06 pm

What to do with my Psychology Degree?

Studying psychology gives you a broad range of skills that span both science and the arts and opens up opportunities with a wide variety of employers Job options Jobs directly related to your degree include: Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don t restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. To find out what jobs would suit you, log in to My…

Therapist BLSAugust 20, 2016 – 12:57 pm

Therapist BLS

Summary Mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists help people manage or overcome mental and emotional disorders and problems with their family and relationships. Mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists help people manage and overcome mental and emotional disorders and problems with their family and relationships. They listen to clients and ask questions, to help the clients understand their problems and develop…