May 9, 2021 – 07:50 am

A smile is a unique and multifunctional psychological tool that helps people in the most difficult situations. For many millennia of evolution, man has brought the art of smiling to perfection. Having mastered it, you will become not only desirable, attractive, successful, but also physically healthier.

You don't need to learn to smile because it is an innate expressive response. Even higher animals are able to smile: dogs, horses, dolphins, monkeys, etc. Expressive reactions arise as a manifestation of experienced emotions.

Expressive reactions are of a reflex nature, and a person cannot control them, voluntarily cause or suppress them. So, we are not able to sweat or blush at will, the pupils also completely involuntarily expand from fear and narrow from anger.

But the smile is unique. It is so important for a person that he has learned to control this reflex reaction. The importance of a smile in a person's life is confirmed by the variety of its functions.

For the most pleasant smile, you can do a dental correction consulting Dentist in Crawley. Your ideas about a beautiful smile may not coincide with the ideas of a doctor - and this is natural - we are all different. The decision that seems to the specialist to be correct may not suit you. Conversely, the idea of correction that you saw as the best may not work - it will not look as good as you would like. There may be times when the changes that you outlined together with the doctor will change your smile and your overall image so much that it is simply very difficult to imagine them. A smile sketch is a great opportunity to resolve all the doubts, try different options and come to the most beautiful (in all respects) solution.

Image by HubertPhotographer from Pixabay