Clinical Health Psychologist SalaryApril 4, 2020 – 11:45 am

Clinical Health Psychologist Salary

Health psychology is a discipline that considers the various psychological foundations of physical illness, including emotional, mental, social, and behavioral factors. In some instances, these factors may cause a physical illness while in other situations they may be the result of a physical illness. Either way, health psychology is interested in exploring the interplay between the psychological and physical realms. Health psychology is not so concerned… nectar ai review

How to get rid of stressMarch 18, 2020 – 05:34 pm

How to get rid of stress

What is stress? Imagine that disgusting weather was the whole day, the boss scolded for a poorly executed report, you quarreled with your mom, the dog fell ill, and your favorite pair of shoes was covered with small cracks. Stress spoils life. It makes you upset, tear off aggression on loved ones, avoid communication with others. Ways to deal with stress can help you avoid many life s troubles, while not spoiling your own or other people s nerve cells…

Life-spring at your summer cottageMarch 18, 2020 – 05:29 pm

Life-spring at your summer cottage

It is very difficult to underestimate the role of water in human life. All life on earth is connected with this element: living organisms began to emerge in water. Their resettlement on our planet depends on the availability and accessibility of water bodies - rivers, lakes, canals, seas, oceans, and even underground sources. Water plays a huge role in psychology. It has many symbols and carries energy. It is very important that the water is always…

Biological Psychology ArticlesMarch 17, 2020 – 11:39 am

Biological Psychology Articles

Biological psychology, or biopsychology, is a field in which the mind-body connection is explored through scientific research and clinical practice. Researchers in this field study the biological basis of thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Read on to learn more about this subfield of psychology, educational options and potential careers. Schools offering . Defining Biological Psychology Alternative names of biopsychology, such as behavioral neuroscience…

How to behave after a fire and how to prevent itMarch 1, 2020 – 08:54 am

How to behave after a fire and how to prevent it

Fire in a building is always scary. It is extremely important to know what to do to protect yourself and other people from the possible consequences of a fire. Fire and the destruction of your favorite apartment or house often leads to mental trauma, and if a person does not tolerate any shocks, it will be difficult for him to put up with this for a long time. In such situations, people often feel helpless, confused; they are visited by a feeling…

Journal of Health PsychologyFebruary 10, 2020 – 10:53 am

Journal of Health Psychology

Health and Food Sciences International Journal of Health and Psychology Research is a peer-reviewed journal published by the European Centre for Research, Training and Development (ECRTD), UK. IJHPR welcoms research papers in diverse health and psychology topics including Occupational Health, HIV, Clinical Health, Public Health, Community Health, Critical Health, Health Polices, Occupational Health Psychology, Research Methods in Health Psychology…

Pinnacle Health Psychological AssociatesJanuary 17, 2020 – 10:48 am

Pinnacle Health Psychological Associates

PHPA is a service of PinnacleHealth and is supported by PinnacleHealth’s many resources. Our caring, qualified professionals use the latest therapies and treatment methods to help you. You will receive comprehensive psychological care at PHPA through our range of programs and specialties. Our staff consists of licensed: Psychiatrists Psychologists Professional counselors Clinical social workers Our goal is to assist you in finding positive, productive…