March 1, 2020 – 08:54 am

Fire in a building is always scary. It is extremely important to know what to do to protect yourself and other people from the possible consequences of a fire.

Fire and the destruction of your favorite apartment or house often leads to mental trauma, and if a person does not tolerate any shocks, it will be difficult for him to put up with this for a long time. In such situations, people often feel helpless, confused; they are visited by a feeling of despair, loss; they lack their things and their usual order. Therefore, people often go to a psychologist after such a shock.

Electrical causes of fires are one of the most common causes - almost 20%. After buying an electronic device get domestic appliance insurance. If the equipment burns down, it can be repaired (if it is not badly damaged) or replaced with a new one. As a rule, one of the most common causes of fire is a TV explosion. The reasons can be completely different: power surges (the most common cause of explosions), low quality TV components, careless attitude to television technology, moisture inside the TV, unskilled TV repair. To prevent such an unpleasant situation, it is always necessary to turn off the TV from the socket before leaving the house, periodically check the wires connected to the device and immediately turn it off when you feel an unpleasant smell of burning. Make sure you have TV insurance.

Losing your entire home can make you feel like you have to start building your whole life again, but partial loss also causes stress and deep sadness. Support each other and let your emotions go. Pay attention to the children and speak frankly with them about what happened and what will happen next. Tell them that the main thing is to stick together, and everything else can be replaced with a new one.

Image by 동철 이 from Pixabay