March 18, 2020 – 05:29 pm

It is very difficult to underestimate the role of water in human life. All life on earth is connected with this element: living organisms began to emerge in water. Their resettlement on our planet depends on the availability and accessibility of water bodies - rivers, lakes, canals, seas, oceans, and even underground sources. Water plays a huge role in psychology. It has many symbols and carries energy. It is very important that the water is always near you.

You can’t do without water at the cottage, and even if the water supply is centralized, you will most likely need a water pump. Perhaps not just one, but several, each of them has its own purpose. So let's figure out what pumps are, and why they can be useful.

Summarizing the functions of the pumps, they can be distinguished by:

  • providing water supply to the cottage.
  • removing dirty water

Moreover, there are many of their varieties: a pump for a well, a drainage pump, an irrigation pump, a pump for a fountain and others, each of them differs from the others in power, size, parameters and technical characteristics. It is quite difficult to understand the classification of pumps for ignorant person.

Water pumps are designed to pump clean water without impurities of leaves, sand, grass and frogs. They are equipped with a special filter system and are used for general water supply at home. You can water the garden, rinse it under a summer shower, and use clean pumped water for cooking.

Drainage pumps are designed for pumping water with impurities of small debris. You can pump water from a nearby reservoir - a pond, lake or stream - and use it to irrigate the garden and vegetable garden with their help. They may replace water pumps well. However, the main purpose of drainage pumps is pumping wastewater, which is slightly contaminated.

Image by igorvad from Pixabay