Careers Involving People Skills

July 27, 2017 – 07:54 pm

Lawyers must be able to discuss sensitive subjects, such as a will or custody preferences, with clients.Lawyers must be able to discuss sensitive subjects, such as a will or custody preferences, with clients.

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The term “people skills” refers to interpersonal skills, or the ability to work well with others. Examples of people skills might include listening and speaking effectively, resolving conflicts, acting with authority and assertiveness and expressing your emotions appropriately, according to North Carolina State University. If you have strong people skills, choosing a career that allows you to showcase these qualities might help you emerge as a leader within your company or organization.

Working in Management

Management careers highlight people skills because you’re regularly asked to interact with other individuals. You might use people skills such as persuasion, negotiation, or coordinating others to get the management job done, according to "Forbes." Managers might work in numerous fields, including marketing, sales, operations and construction. Not all management jobs require people skills, however. For example, a financial manager might work more closely with numbers and investments rather than other people. A benefit of management careers is that they tend to pay well because of higher levels of responsibility.

Helping Other People

Some careers emphasize service to others, allowing people skills to contribute to positive societal change. For example, a family doctor must have strong communication skills to make patients feel less anxious. Family doctors sometimes relay bad news or help convince patients they need a procedure for improved health. In schools, people skills help counselors and teachers perform their jobs more effectively. School counselors work with students to make decisions about college or steer them back on track after behavior incidents. Classroom teachers teach important skills, such as conflict resolution, sharing and building relationships, to their students.


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  • avatar What jobs involve helping people? | Yahoo Answers
    • You can be anyone you want, because helping people with issues or personal problems are like daily life issues. You don't have to be anything, that you still can help people. Like people who post their questions on Yahoo Answer, you go on and read and answer and help them out. You can see people sit on the street begging for money, and people who are depressed at the party you came to, etc.
      You can do both jobs if you want, have the best job that fit your knowledge and favor, and helping people just base on daily convo.