The Psychology of Occupations by Anne Roe, 1956

July 1, 2016 – 07:41 am
Psychology Occupations

This book is intended for upper-class college students in programs in vocational guidance, counseling, and clinical psychology. It presupposes on the part of the student some knowledge of basic psychological principles and of psychological test procedures. The book structures the broad field of the relations between occupation and other aspects of life in a search for a general pattern and for basic principles. The data cited have come from a number of different sorts of research, but chiefly from the fields of vocational guidance, personnel selection, and industrial psychology, with some contributions from clinical psychology.

The problems discussed here have traditionally been nearer to counseling and to vocational guidance than they have been to clinical psychology, but these specialties are coming closer and closer together in their principles and in many of their practices. It is clear, however, that this book is closer to counseling than it is to clinical psychology, and it might therefore more properly have been written by a counselor than by me. However, no counselor has so far undertaken to write such a book. I have because I needed such a book myself, because the pursuit of my own research interests required that I make such a survey as this before proceeding further with the specific problems that concern me.

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I am here, then, examining some problems which lie between fields and which are important for several of them. Because of my background there are special features of emphasis and point of view which are distinctly those of a clinician. The greater part of my professional life has been spent in research with normal adults, and of late I have concentrated upon the relations between vocation and personality in highly specialized groups. I have become more and more convinced . . .


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