Theoretical Orientation Scale

March 11, 2015 – 03:58 pm

Theoretical Orientation Scale (TOS)
The author has devised the Theoretical Orientation Scale (©Smith, 2010) to help you determine your theoretical orientation in counseling theories. This scale is not scientific, and the author is not claiming any psychometric properties attached to this survey. The primary purpose of this scale is designed for your own self-discovery.

DIRECTIONS: TOS is an educational tool designed to give immediate feedback on your theoretical preferences.
Select the number that best reflects your agreement or disagreement with each item. When completed, you will have an opportunity to interpret your score.


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  • avatar What is theoretical orientation for counseling?
    • its when you're stopped up and a laxative doesn't seem to work

  • avatar What is theoretical orientation?
    • Theoretical Orientation is the way a person is going to about conducting therapy. !