Criminal Justice/Psychology Program

October 26, 2015 – 08:56 pm

A dual-degree program that will make graduates highly competitive for the current needs of Federal agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, seeking employees with investigative and psychological application skills

Two students talking together. The dual degree program in Criminal Justice and Psychology at Husson University provides students with an opportunity to achieve an educational foundation in the practical and theoretical aspects of both criminal justice and psychology. This strong background across disciplines allows students to appreciate the critically important relationship between criminality and psychological factors. The successful law enforcement professional requires an understanding of the forensic application of psychology to the investigation of crime in order to promote successful outcomes. Conversely, the qualified forensic practitioner requires a thorough grounding in criminal justice, police operations and the law to effectively assess and treat offenders and victims. Students in the dual degree program are therefore exposed to coursework which will prepare them for careers in both clinical and law enforcement professions. This curriculum also positions the student favorably for graduate level study in Criminal Justice, Psychology or Forensic Psychology.

Students are expected to complete 152 credit hours of course-based and practical work in the dual degree program leading to separate Bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. This unique curriculum provides a strong core of professional courses as well as varied liberal arts offerings. The course of study is structured to expose students to core theoretical, clinical and practical topics in complementary disciplines with elective-based courses and fieldwork opportunities allowing the individual learner to tailor the program to include unique interests.

The dual degree program also provides the option of attending the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Pre-Service Training program, allowing the student to earn six college credits and become eligible to work as a part-time law enforcement officer in the State of Maine. Those students in their final year of study may choose instead to attend the Academy's Basic Law Enforcement Training Program to become eligible to work as a full-time law enforcement officer in the State of Maine, while earning fifteen college credits.


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  • avatar What kind of job can one get with a bach. in criminal justice or psychology? | Yahoo Answers
    • with a criminology degree you can work for any type of law enforcement agency. With psychology you can do research, or be a counselor. If you are attending a college, they should have some sort of list of what types of jobs are usually filled with different types of degrees.