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August 16, 2016 – 12:42 pm
Become a Clinical Psychologist The primary goal of the Clinical Psychology Program is to provide rigorous training in both contemporary clinical science and clinical assessment and intervention. The research programs of our faculty span a wide range, including studies of childhood risk and resilience; clinical intervention in diverse sociocultural and geographic contexts; religious and spiritual development; altruism and caregiving; emotion and coping with trauma; and psychotherapy process and outcome (see individual faculty web pages). Our on-site clinic, The Dean Hope Center, now functions as both a research and clinical training center. The Center is currently participating in a nationwide study of client demographics, risk factors, and mental and physical health status.


Psychological Impact of IIRAIRA (Title III) on Legal Permanent U.S. Residents and Their Families: A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of ... for the Degree of Doctor of Psychology
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  • avatar What are the requirements for master degree in psychology?
    • The requirements depend on the specific program of study. There are a number of programs at the master's level in psychology and each will have specific requirements particular to itself. Some programs of study would include, counseling psychology, behaviorism, clinical psychology, school psychology, etc. The master's degree can take approximately two to three years to complete post bachelor's degree. The actual length of time depends on the specific program of study; the credit load carried per semester, and provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college or university.

  • avatar what are the requirements of a psychology degree ? | Yahoo Answers
    • I am majoring in psychology at my school (CSUF) and I was looking at the requirements and they are all some type of psych class such as memory and learning or sexual behavior. One of the required classes I had to take so far (mandatory) was psychological statistics in the behavior sciences. It has math in it (statistics) but its not that hard. It has a lot of formulas that you follow but the only hard part really is the psychological aspect of the class such as explaining your findings and rules.