Combined Majors

June 12, 2017 – 06:48 pm
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The Department of Psychology offers a number of combined majors.

Combined Major: Psychology and American Sign Language/Deaf Studies
This combined major educates students in cognitive psychology and various linguistic and cultural aspects of the American Deaf community. Through the study of American Sign Language, students gain access to the culture of Deaf Americans, insights into various features of spoken language and firsthand experience of the principles underlying the spatial organization of discourse required by signed languages. The scope and sequence of courses in psychology provide students with a foundation in the interdisciplinary science of psychology, as well as with special skills developed in the study of psycholinguistics, perception, cognition and child-language acquisition.

Combined Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice
This combined major educates students in criminal justice and psychology, and the interface between the two disciplines. The scope and sequence of psychology courses provide students with a foundation in the interdisciplinary science of psychology, including the biological and psychosocial bases of behavior, learning, personality, and cognition. Criminal justice courses provide a foundation for understanding individual and systemic aspects of criminology and criminal justice. Students completing this program should be able to understand the relationships between the fields, as they relate to understanding and addressing criminal behavior.

Combined Major: Psychology and Education (in transition)
This combined major educates students in psychology and elementary education. Recent changes in the School of Education will affect this combined major for students not currently enrolled in the program. Please see Nancy Snyder during the 2015-2016 academic year for information about a new psychology/education option.


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    • Forensic Psychology Programs - study in Forensic Psychology use the skills of psychologists and apply them to issues relevant to the criminal justice system
      It is part of the same field of study, another pat is Criminology.
      Search those fields and you will find thousands of hits.

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