July 9, 2017 – 07:06 pm

The Forensic Psychology degree is designed for students who are interested in the relationship between the science of psychology and the criminal justice system.

Different from a Criminal Justice major, the Forensic Psychology major focuses on applying the scientific knowledge of psychology in clinical, developmental, social, and cognitive areas to legal situations. Students develop a strong knowledge base in the areas of human behavior, psychological theory, research methods in psychology, and the application of psychological principles to specific areas of the legal system.

By requiring coursework from both the Psychology and Criminal Justice departments, the Forensic Psychology degree provides an interdisciplinary background appropriate for students who intend to pursue careers in psychology, social work, law enforcement, juvenile justice, or other criminal justice professions. Students may also go on to graduate, law, or medical school.

The Bachelor of Science degree in behavioral neuroscience has traditionally been viewed as an option for students who are pursuing post-baccalaureate education and want a stronger background in psychological research and the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) as well.

Source: www.sau.edu

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