The Ever-Popular Psychology Bachelor Degree

October 11, 2015 – 03:19 pm

perceptual illusionOnline bachelor degrees in psychology attract many students for three important reasons: availability, versatility, and transferability.

Availability is a great benefit in pursuing an online bachelor’s in psychology. Unlike some majors like nursing or art, psychology can be easily studied via distance education. While there is much to be said for in-class discussions, many colleges are utilizing internet technology for personal interaction that rivals (and sometimes surpasses) that of traditional classrooms.

The combination of online lectures and internet chat rooms allows students to discuss reading and lecture topics in more depth than can be had in a traditional 3-hour block lecture class. While the dialog may not happen in real time, thanks to outlets like Facebook, most people are accustomed to this format of discussion.

Psychology is easily one of the most versatile majors, useful in any vocation that involves people—which most jobs do. Not only are there a large number of sub-specialties within psychology, like sports psychology, clinical psychology, child psychology, forensic and criminal psychology, but there are many fields that utilize the in-depth knowledge of human behavior studies in psychology provides. For examples, think of the ways in which psychology affects social work, education, marketing, business management, investing, and the list could go on, indefinitely. In short, a foundation in psychology can lead to, or lend hand to, many different careers.

Less than 30% of psychology students actually go on to jobs within the psychological field, which means that 70% or more utilize and integrate their degree in other capacities. Professions like marketing, sales, and management employ the knowledge gained through a degree in psychology to turn an understanding of people into profit and an efficient work environment.

Psychology degrees are also one of the most transferable degrees when it comes to graduate programs. Many elite MBA programs like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford actually prefer students with degrees in the humanities. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for law students to attain bachelor of psychology degrees, nor is it rare for people in the medical professions. In fact, according to Northwestern University, the number of medical students with Bachelor of Psychology degrees rivals those that had degrees in Biology or Chemistry!


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