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November 5, 2014 – 08:21 am
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Promoting Mental Health and Serving Society

The doctoral program in clinical psychology employs the scholar-practitioner model of professional training and prepares students to become licensed clinical psychologists, serving the community through applied clinical practice. It is accredited by the American Psychological Association.

Program Length / Units

4 years / 82 units

Unit Cost


Start Terms


Campus Location

West Los Angeles

Through clinically relevant courses, clinical training, and applied scholarship, students develop a foundation of knowledge, skills, and values leading to meaningful careers as psychologists. Program curriculum is built upon the foundation of psychology as a science and offers comprehensive exposure to evidence-based assessment and treatment. Clinical training commences in one of four university community-based clinics and prestigious training institutions and medical centers throughout Southern California.PSYD Main Page Secondary Students participate in applied scholarship communities, conducting dissertation research with an emphasis on clinical application and sensitivity to multicultural context and individual differences.

Program Benefits

  • Small class sizes provide a supportive learning environment with meaningful interactions between faculty and students
  • Curriculum and course pedagogy link theory to clinical practice
  • Dedicated assistance to help students secure internships
  • Nationally ranked university, prestigious program, and expert faculty
  • Dissertation research is completed within Applied Scholarship Communities, which provide close mentoring by faculty and collaboration with peers and alumni


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