APA (6th ed.) Citation Guide

December 23, 2014 – 01:16 pm
Include a dictionary in your

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year). Title of book (ed). Retrieved from url

Reference in text example:

(Sadie, 2000)

Reference list example:

Sadie, S. (Ed.). (2000). The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians (2nd ed., Vols. 1-29). New York: Grove's Dictionaries.

Zalta, E. N. (Ed.). (2007). The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy. Retrieved from


  • If you retrieved the entry from a database (e.g. Gale Virtual Reference Library), add the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) at the end using the format: “doi:xxxxxxx” (Rule 6.32, p. 191).
  • If there is no DOI assigned, give the URL of the publisher's home page in place of the DOI. You may need to do a quick web search to locate the home page if you found the article in a library database (e.g. Oxford Reference Online, Gale Virtual Reference Library). There is no period at the end of the URL.
  • Second and subsequent lines of each entry are indented 5-7 spaces.
  • Double-space between all lines of references.

General reference form - print:

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year) Title of chapter or entry. In A. Editor, B. Editor, & C. Editor (Eds.), Title of book (Vol.#, page range). Location published: Publisher name.

General reference form - electronic:

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year) Title of chapter or entry. In A. Editor, B. Editor, & C. Editor (Eds.), Title of book (Vol. #, page range). Retrieved from url

(Firdion, 2004)
(Firdion, 2004, p.169) [when quoting]

Etzkowitz, H., & Dzisah, J. (2009). University–industry relationships. In J.B. Callicott & R. Froderman (Eds.), Encyclopedia of environmental ethics and philosophy (Vol.2, pp. 344-346). Retrieved from

Firdion, J. M. (2004). Foster care. In Encyclopedia of homelessness (Vol. 1, pp. 167-170). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Jaunty. (1989). Oxford English dictionary (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

  • If there is no author or editor of the entry, as in the last example, place the title in the author position.
  • If an online version refers to a print version, include the edition number after the title.

Source: www.lib.sfu.ca

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    • you never need to reference the dictionary...definitions of words are universally known

  • avatar How should references be for apa?
    • For APA, the references should be just as its general rules. Like, the spacing should be double space, the indention of the entry should be a hanging indent, list the entries alphabetically by the author's last name, if you have multiple sources by one author, order it starting with the earliest publication.

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