Graduate Programs in Psychology

January 13, 2022 – 04:24 pm
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Our graduate Ph.D. program provides concentrations of study in four distinct (although interacting) program areas: Clinical Psychology; Cognition and Neural Systems (CNS); Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology (EEP); and Social Psychology. In addition, we offer sub-programs of specialization: Program Evaluation and Research Methods (PERM) and Forensic Psychology.

These graduate programs and specialization vary in specific contents and research methods, but all share basic goals that are compatible with our philosophy of training and the mission of our University as a Research I institution.

Although the Psychology Department does not offer a specialization in Developmental Psychology, we have several faculty members who conduct research with children and can mentor students in the developmental area, including Drs. LouAnn Gerken, Rebecca Gomez, and Jamie Edgin. We also cooperate with the Law College on a joint Ph.D. & J.D. Program. Students interested in this program should apply to both the Law College and to one of the four program areas in psychology.


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  • avatar What is the top grad school for psychology?
    • Stanford University, located 35 miles south of San Francisco is the top school for Psychology. !

  • avatar How many years of grad school are required for Psychology?
    • This would depend on the level of graduate degree being sought. In other words, either a master's or doctorate. It also depends on the specific program of study. Some psychology degrees have more of a credit requirement than others. While a master's in human behavior may be 36 credits, a school psychology program of study may require 60. The doctorate degree are another issue with most taking four years beyond a bachelors' degree to complete. Thus, you have to look at each degree and each specific program of study.

  • avatar What's a good grad school for psychology? | Yahoo Answers
    • i am undergraduate researcher at the university of texas, and we are pretty highly regarded in respect to behavorial psychology, but i couldn't tell you much about psychopathology. check us news and world report or princeton review.