The Best Heart Disease Blogs of the Year

September 10, 2016 – 07:29 pm
African American Health

Eating a heart-healthy diet doesn’t mean that you’re
doomed to a life of plain salads. In What
Would Cathy Eat, heart disease
survivor Cathy Elton shares heart-healthy recipes that are good for you — and that actually taste good, too.

After discovering that one of her arteries was 90 percent
blocked at age 44, Elton knew she had to change her eating habits.
Nutritionists recommended a diet of broiled chicken with a side of steamed
broccoli. A few expletives later, she set out on a mission to make
heart-healthy meals that she would actually like.

Through this blog, you can find some of the recipes she’s shared, such as Spanish chickpea and


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