How to Become a Psychologist in California

July 6, 2017 – 07:03 pm

CaliforniaCalifornia employs more psychologists than any other state in the country and projects employment growth within the profession of nearly 15 percent from 2010 to 2020. Psychologist salaries are amongst the highest in the country as well, so California is a great place to begin your career in psychology.

Psychology is a very important field of study and people’s health can depend on professional psychologists. California understands that and takes the qualification process very seriously. You can’t call yourself a psychologist in California unless you hold a license and to ensure that those holding the license are qualified for the position, the state has put in place a strict set of requirements.

Education Requirements for Psychologist Licensing in California

The California Business and Professions Code says that individuals will meet the requirements for licensure if they possess an earned doctorate degree (PhD) in psychology, educational psychology, education with a specialization in counseling psychology or education with a specialization in educational psychology. All credits must be earned from an accredited institution with a CA psychology degree program approved by the American Psychological Association.

An exception to this requirement is made for individuals performing duties as a school psychologist. To become a school psychologist in California, individuals must hold a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university and satisfy the State of California basic skills requirement. In addition, all candidates must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of postbaccalaureate degree study in a California commission approved program with a focus on school psychology.

Below is the complete educational path for the Psychologists:

Doctorate programs often take between three and seven years to complete and will include supervised residencies or internships.

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