Universities That Offer Criminal Psychology

August 25, 2017 – 05:24 pm
Best Criminal Justice Schools

If you have a dream to delve into the mind of the next Charles Manson, you will need to get a degree in criminal psychology or criminology as defined by some schools. A criminal psychologist studies the personality of convicted criminals or those being prosecuted. They take into account the criminal's thoughts, intentions, actions and reactions and use that information to analyze and profile them. Many online and campus-based universities offer degrees and classes in criminal psychology to students nationwide.

Liberty University

Liberty University offers an online Bachelor of Science in criminal justice - criminal psychology. An online education may not be for everyone, but for others who have daytime obligations to work or parent a child it is one way to get a college education. Liberty University's degree program teaches students foundational skills in understanding criminal behavior and mental health while teaching them how to assess and counsel patients within the justice system. Full-time students pay $340 per credit hour, and at 122 credit hours the program costs $40, 800 at the time of publication.

John Jay

John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers a minor in criminology that, according to their website, "Focuses on the nature and cause of crime, the behavior of criminals and how society reacts to crime and criminals." Students taking a minor in criminology may be law enforcement professionals pursuing a deeper education in order to satisfy education prerequisites for advancing into a new job role. Other students may be taking it to supplement a bachelor's in forensic science. Students enrolled in John Jay's minor in criminology are required to complete six courses totaling 18 credits.

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