Forensic Psychology Career, Job, Degrees and Training Information

October 21, 2016 – 12:20 pm
Criminal investigative

Forensic psychologists apply principles of psychology to criminal justice. Forensic psychology is similar to forensic science, but forensic psychologists apply psychology to issues relating to criminal behavior. For example, they evaluate suspected criminals and determine whether or not they are insane. Forensic psychologists combine legal issues with psychology. They also treat mentally ill criminals, consult attorneys, and analyze the minds of criminals to determine possible explanations for their criminal behavior.

Forensic Psychology is a rapidly growing field of forensic science that focuses on the application of psychology to issues and questions relating to law, criminal justice and the legal system. The following job descriptions illustrate that there are large variety of forensic psychology career opportunities for those with the disposition and aptitude to enter this field.

  • Administration

Clinical directors, managers, and program directors perform important administrative tasks and duties to help agencies run effectively and smoothly. Specific administration duties include include program coordination, coordination of staff and their training, fiscal supervision, and quality assurance. Many forensic psychology administration jobs are found in juvenile court divisions, correctional settings, and not-for-profit organizations.

  • Case Management

Case management services are for clients living in residential treatment facilities or in the community who can greatly benefit from continual contact with a counselor. Case managers teach conflict resolution and problem-solving skills and assess a client's living skills to determine what types of supports the require to live and interact successfully in the community. Case management counselors assist clients by providing ongoing counseling support in the areas of work, housing, and relationships and help clients find and explore community support resources.


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