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Rose Munns, Psy

Psychology is a very broad and dynamic discipline. The central focus is on the understanding, prediction, and enhancement of individual behavior, from a variety of perspectives. The graduate programs in Psychology represent a broad spectrum of these perspectives. They range from cognitive neuroscience; to the biological and physiological bases of behavior; to clinical and counseling psychology; to behavior in social and work environments, to behavior genetics; to the assessment of individual differences in personality, abilities, and interests; to the quantitative modeling of individual performance in a variety of settings.

To accommodate this broad spectrum, the graduate programs in Psychology incorporate eight different program areas and students apply directly to one of these eight areas, depending on their interests. While there is a common core of expertise across areas, there is considerable specialized knowledge and skill developed within each area as well. New students begin working with faculty on collaborative research during their very first semester. Our goal is to produce highly accomplished scholars and researchers who can function at a high level in a variety of occupational roles.

The Psychology Department also incorporates two professional training programs at the Ph.D. level, one in clinical psychology and one in counseling psychology. That is, in addition to becoming an outstanding researcher in these two areas, the doctoral student will also satisfy the requirements for licensure as a clinical or counseling psychologist. Consequently, in addition to being involved in research from day one, students in these two programs will also complete a number of professional training courses and a 12 month pre doctoral internship at an accredited site.

This is a very exciting time to be in psychology. New areas of research and application are being developed across the entire spectrum, at an ever increasing rate; and their implications for increasing the understanding, prediction, and enhancement of human behavior are of the utmost importance. New students become part of this enterprise, with full financial and faculty support.

Source: www.psych.umn.edu

Stress Among Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students: A comparison of perceived stress levels during the five years of a clinical psychology doctoral ... at a private university in Chicago, Illinois.
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