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August 18, 2022 – 11:44 am
CliCK GO psychology

The UA is the leading public research university in the American Southwest. The UA receives more than $530 million in annual research funding and is the state's only member of the prestigious Association of American Universities. This rate of research funding ranks the UA No. 23 in research and development expenditures among public and private universities and colleges by the National Science Foundation. The Department of Psychology is housed within the University’s College of Science (COS) and the newly created School of Mind, Brain, and Behavior (SMBB), which we joined as a founding member in July 1, 2009. The SMBB is interdisciplinary and, in addition to Psychology, houses the Arizona Research Laboratory Division of Neurobiology; the Department of Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences; the newly formed Department of Neuroscience; and the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. The Psychology Department consists of 32 faculty members! divided across four degree-granting programs (Clinical; Cognition and Neural Systems; Social; and Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology). Within Psychology, the Clinical Science Program has 13 core faculty members, at least 5 affiliated faculty (non-core clinical, but tenure-track in Psychology) who routinely co-mentor students, and a substantial number of adjunct faculty who support the program’s mission and training activities.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Preventing Suicide Attempts: A Guide to Brief Treatments Across Clinical Settings (Clinical Topics in Psychology and Psychiatry)
Book (Routledge)

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  • avatar Can you recommend me some creative, new and interesting clinical psychology research topics? | Yahoo Answers
    • Progress is based more on innovation than invention; moreover, a single study must be replicated numerous times before the findings can be incorporated into practice. Find what you consider to be an interesting previous study from the professional literature and look for a new angle or a specific population. I took the General Theory of Crime (crime is caused by lack of self-control and opportunity) applied it to law enforcement personnel (active officers, incarcerated former officers, and cj students as a control group). LE personnel had the most self-control, then the students, then t…

  • avatar What is the best possible topic in clinical psychology? | Yahoo Answers
    • eeewww a lot
      let's start with
      Does clinical psychology solve problems? What problems and how?
      Why many shrinks are weird?
      Depends on your interest, there is no best topic after all. It's more how well you write a story on what has happened to your "subjects". I suggest you to see what is happening around you and grab one that is interesting for you (and your professors) to see. Your thesis is not for you, but for your professors ^_^ they are the one who decide whether or not you deserve an A.