Top Schools for Sports PsychologySeptember 21, 2017 – 05:33 pm

Top Schools for Sports Psychology

If you are considering a degree in sports psychology, you have approximately 14 on-campus sports psychology schools to choose from. And there are about 3 sports psychology schools online that you can consider. In 2010, in the US, 176 students graduated with sports psychology degrees. In 2010, the three largest sports psychology schools in the nation were: Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant, MI) Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)… protected online-shop

Abnormal Psychology in the NewsSeptember 15, 2017 – 05:33 pm

Abnormal Psychology in the News

The program visits the Jackson Memorial Hospital Crisis Center in Miami, where suicidal, depressed, and schizophrenic patients meet with psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers to assess the nature and seriousness of their problems. It also introduces the various theories used to explain and treat abnormal behavior. We see that stress affects many people — from the overworked and out-of-work, to survivors of suicide and homicide, to Vietnam…

Consumer Psychology ArticlesSeptember 9, 2017 – 05:32 pm

Consumer Psychology Articles

I define sensory marketing as . marketing that engages the consumers senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior. From a managerial perspective, sensory marketing can be used to create subconscious triggers that characterize consumer perceptions of abstract notions of the product (e.g., its sophistication or quality). Given the gamut of explicit marketing appeals made to consumers every day, subconscious triggers which appeal to…

Sports DivisionsAugust 28, 2017 – 05:31 pm

Sports Divisions

In sports, a division is a group of teams who compete against each other for a championship. League system [edit] In sports using a league system (also known as a pyramid structure), a division consists of a group of teams who play a sport at a similar competitive level. Teams can move up to a higher division of play or drop down to a lower one via the process of promotion and relegation, based on their performance in the standings at the end of the…

List of Careers in PsychologyAugust 22, 2017 – 05:21 pm

List of Careers in Psychology

After earning your psychology degree, you can choose from a wide variety of career options. Of course, the specific career you pursue will depend largely on your educational background. Some entry-level jobs are open to those with an undergraduate degree in psychology, while others require advanced or graduate-level study. The following are just some of the many psychology-related job titles. Some are directly in the field of psychology, while others…

Sports Psychologist JobsAugust 13, 2017 – 05:04 pm

Sports Psychologist Jobs

The field of sports psychology bridges the gap between mental and physical well-being. In a sports psychology masters degree program, students learn more about the mental processes and behaviors necessary to succeed during sports. This could involve team interactions as well as individual behavior. Sports psychology specalists are responsible for working with athletes and athletic teams, helping them overcome any mental strain that arises as a result…

Top Sports Psychology BooksJuly 21, 2017 – 07:33 pm

Top Sports Psychology Books

PA Want to know how you can use sports psychology and mental training to reach your health, fitness and sports goals faster, easier, and get the results you want? Here are my top 10 mindset tips to help you build new motivation, confidence and major breakthroughs in your fitness, your training and in your life. 10. Positive Images: When your are exercising, use your positive mental images throughout your workout to create feelings of speed and power…