Child Psychology ResearchApril 27, 2016 – 12:58 am

Child Psychology Research

A Sample of Recent Research Developmental psychology deals with human development throughout the lifespan, and is a vibrant, diverse field. Below is just a sample of the work being done in applied developmental psychology by faculty members who supervise the work of Claremont Graduate University students. Browse sample research topics: Dr. Mita Banerjee: Children s Understanding of Emotions “My research has focused largely on children s early understanding… nectar ai review

Ethics in Psychological ResearchApril 19, 2016 – 12:17 am

Ethics in Psychological Research

Not that long ago, academicians were often cautious about airing the ethical dilemmas they faced in their research and academic work, but that environment is changing today. Psychologists in academe are more likely to seek out the advice of their colleagues on issues ranging from supervising graduate students to how to handle sensitive research data, says George Mason University psychologist June Tangney, PhD. There has been a real change in the…

Psychologist CounselorApril 16, 2016 – 11:57 pm

Psychologist Counselor

At times, with all of its ups and downs, life can feel little like a roller coaster. People in general are emotional creatures. Feeling happy, enamored, sad, angry, and scared is normal, and these emotions are part of what makes us human. At times, however, these emotions - particularly the negative ones - can be overwhelming and take on a life of their own. Counseling psychology is a type of applied psychology that can be used to help people gain…

International Psychologist JobsMarch 23, 2016 – 08:00 pm

International Psychologist Jobs

At about the same time, a number of organizations in Europe and North America were created to help promote sports psychology. In Europe, the International Society of Sport Psychology and the European Federation of Sport Psychology were founded, and later became prominent organizations for the promotion of sports psychology. In North America, the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) and the Canadian Society…

Milwaukee PsychologistsMarch 22, 2016 – 07:44 pm

Milwaukee Psychologists

“Hello Potential Clients! Thank you for your interest in Medina s Way, for your counseling and mental health needs. Medina s Way provides comprehensive mental health service for individual, families, and children, where they are welcomed in a warm and inviting environment, and can find comfort and peace while dealing with their own personal issues. We provide therapy/counseling for issues such as: ADHD, ADD, AADD, AODA, Behavioral Issues with both…

Jobs that Use PsychologyMarch 17, 2016 – 07:08 pm

Jobs that Use Psychology

After graduation, I worked as an intern in private practice for two therapists. Once you graduate with an MFT [marriage and family therapist license], you must work under a certified therapist until you accrue the 3, hours (in California) to test for your own [certified] MFT license. I see clients with a range of issues ranging from depression to sexuality concerns. I love being able to help others by applying my understanding of human behavior…

Free Psychology Research ArticlesMarch 14, 2016 – 06:48 pm

Free Psychology Research Articles

Leading scientific journal articles to inform meaningful research This esteemed collection from the foremost publisher in psychology provides access to the full spectrum of research in the field—from cutting-edge research from preeminent scholars, to the historical underpinnings of the behavioral and social sciences. With current journal coverage and historical content dating back more than a century, PsycARTICLES is an indispensable resource for…