Thread: What are jobs that involve research?

October 20, 2015 – 07:43 pm
Jobs that involve research and

At the local and state level, and to a lesser degree at the federal level, job titles can vary widely from one agency to another. Intelligence analyst, crime analyst, research analyst, intelligence officer, etc. As ATF SAC mentioned, most federal analysts are Intel Researcg Specialists, which is job series 0132 on USAJOBS. However there are also analyst and research jobs in other series/titles, so you need to do some looking around. Same with state and local job sites since the title use by one agency may not be used by another.

Flexible hours is a challenge since most analysts work regular day shifts to support whatever agency they work for. Some exceptions for shift work and flexible hours based on agency need, but you can expect most to be standard business hours.


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    • Animal research scientists are professionals who are deeply involved with studying animals and the way that they function MORE?

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    • Either working directly for a company in their training/marketing area (create handouts, reference charts, ads, work on the website, work with the media) or a consulting firm that provides such services.
      Visit the websites for a few large hospitals systems and for some major insurance companies and you'll see the amount of info that needs to be created/updated regularly.
      You could also try something like WebMD.
      Good Luck!

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    • you could look into a stock market analyst it pays good and i dont think the schooling is super long but its a risky buisness. i personally would think it would be fun and it is pretty much 100% research.