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November 20, 2015 – 11:59 pm
Graduate study in Sport and

Considering a Sports Psycholigy Degree? For the psychology student with a keen interest in health, physical activity and sports, a Sports Psychology Graduate Program can be an excellent way to choose a career-focused academic path. What is Sports Psychology? Sports Psychology is the study of how psychology influences sports, athletic performance, exercise and physical activity. Someone with a Sports Psychology Degree is equipped to work with professional athletes and coaches to improve motivation and improve performance, while others might utilize fitness and sports to enhance people’s general health and wellbeing.

Ready to start your search for the best Sports Psychology Program? makes it uncomplicated. First, you can perform a general location search to determine where these are offered. Choose a city, state, or country depending on your preferences to find the best sports psychology grad school program for you.

Then, refine by Sports Psychology Graduate Program type. Do you dream of earning your Sports Psychology Degree on a college campus? Are you looking for the flexibility of plugging your computer into the internet and taking online courses? Or are you looking for a hybrid format that is both flexible and low-residency?

You can then filter your results by looking into the different Degree levels, depending on your aspirations. You can filter by Graduate Certificate, Master, or Doctorate Degrees. For instance, earn an Exercise and Sport Performance Graduate Certificate, if you are looking to refine your existing knowledge, or deepen in the field by pursuing either a Doctor of Psychology- Sport and Performance Psychology, or aSports Psychology Masters Programs such as a degree of Master of Sport & Performance Psychology.

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    • All psychological research should be performed to the highest ethical standards. To ensure this all research undertaken under the auspices of the School of Psychology, by staff and students, must satisfy the ethical standards of the School

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    • i don't have particular knowledge in this, but i think coercion and publishing the results with the students' names are the obvious ones.