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Image Source Forensic psychology hasn't officially been around for very long, and it has always flown under the radar. There haven't really been any massive breakthroughs in the field, and there has never been a major, public case in which a forensic psychologist played an important role in. Because of this, any forensic psychologist that would be considered famous is virtually unknown. They are quite important though, and famous in their own right.

James McKeen Cattell (1860-1944)- Studied the psychology of testimony. He gave students at Columbia University a series of questions, and had them respond and rate their level of confidence in their answers. He realized there was a startling amount of inaccuracy, and lack of confidence in responses.

Alfred Binet (1857-1911)- Replicated Cattell's experiment. Part of the Binet-Simon scale. This scale was used to identify students in need of alternative education. The score the child got would reveal the child's mental age. He stressed diversity of intelligence and the need to therefore study it using qualitative, not quantitative measures. The Simon-Binet scale was soon Americanized, with a new objective that would ultimately result in "...the elimination of an enormous amount of crime..."

William Stern (1871-1938)- Researched witness recall. Developed study in which he asked his students to summarize a fight they had seen. He realized errors were common among the students about the event, though they had all seen the same thing. He later concluded that emotions help a decrease in accuracy during witness recall.


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