Sports Psychology Salary for Masters in Sports Psychology Grads

February 1, 2016 – 12:07 pm

Graduates with a Master's degree in Sports Psychology can expect to make a good living in this discipline. There are many different types of jobs & careers that a sports psychologist could perform, combining elements of clinical psychology, counseling psychology, athletic research, and motivational speaking. They help athletes improve their performance, while studying the relationship between mental and physical health and how it affects human behavior.

Salary Feature

Average Sports Psychology salaries for job postings nationwide are 122% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

About Sports Psychology

One of the most interesting specializations of psychology for those who are interested in sports and exercise, sports psychology is a field that helps study the way that the mind and body work together. Sports psychologists help athletes in a variety of ways. They may help with the mental aspects of sports rehabilitation after an injury, for example. They can also provide counseling to help athletes cope with the psychological pressure that accompanies a big game, and teach the types of techniques that help athletes perform at their highest level. They work with professional athletes as well as amateurs. A sports psychologist can help motivate an athlete to try harder and overcome physical and mental barriers. They teach motivational techniques as well as ways to improve overall feelings of well-being, so that the athlete is able to overcome psychological barriers and perform at their top physical and mental level. Sports psychology also involves community outreach and counseling, as these professionals often try to help improve public knowledge of a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical activity.


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