Health Psychology TextbookJune 6, 2018 – 07:12 pm

Health Psychology Textbook

This fourth edition incorporates a number of substantive new topics, including a new chapter on women s health, as well as opportunities for the reader to critically examine key conceptual and methodological issues within each chapter. It remains clearly written and highly accessible and still deserves its place as the number one choice of health psychology textbook. - John Weinman, King s College, London The market leading textbook in the field… hotfrogsc

Workout SongsMay 19, 2018 – 06:58 pm

Workout Songs

As summer gives way to fall, let the played out songs in your gym mix give way to some current alternatives. This month s top picks have plenty going for them - with a variety of genres and tempos represented. Moreover, with just a few new tracks here and there, you can re-energize your whole routine. In the list below, you ll find a pair of uptempo remixes from Demi Lovato and Madonna. Elsewhere, there are wildcard tracks - like a single from reunited…

Psychology and Health JournalMay 1, 2018 – 06:55 pm

Psychology and Health Journal

Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being (AP:HWB) is one of the two official journals of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), the oldest worldwide association of scholars and practitioners of the discipline of psychology (founded in 1920). Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being is a peer-reviewed outlet for the scholarly dissemination of scientific findings and practical applications in the domains of health and well-being…

Wisconsin PsychologyMarch 20, 2018 – 06:42 pm

Wisconsin Psychology

Hello! I am Neena Florshiem, Ph.D, CEO, Executive Director, and founder of Achievement Associates, a one-of-a-kind agency dedicated to excellence and caring in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Since 1986, our psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical substance abuse counselors, psychotherapists, educators, speech pathologists and nutritionists, have been providing stellar services to individuals of all ages and circumstances, including families and…

Psychological Health AssociatesMarch 8, 2018 – 06:39 pm

Psychological Health Associates

© 2003-06 PHA Staff Marci Korwin, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and partner in Psychological Health Associates. Dr. Korwin received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Delaware. Her clinical specialties include eating disorders and childhood sexual abuse and other trauma survivors. Andrew Magin, PhD is a licensed psychologist and partner at Psychological Health Associates, LLC. Dr. Magin received his doctorate in clinical psychology…

Psychology Instructor JobsMarch 2, 2018 – 06:35 pm

Psychology Instructor Jobs

Explore the career requirements for a psychology instructor. Get the facts about duties, education and licensure requirements, salary and potential job growth to determine if this is the right field for you. Schools offering . Psychology instructors deliver lessons to students about human behavior and the way the human mind works. Education and licensing requirements can vary depending on where you work. Take a look at the following chart for an overview…

Where do Health Psychologists Work?February 24, 2018 – 06:33 pm

Where do Health Psychologists Work?

In 1978, the APA established Division 8, a health psychology division, with the goal of developing an organization for psychologists who were interested in studying and working in areas connected to health and psychology. What Does A Health Psychologist Do? A health psychologist can work in a number of different areas all related to health. These areas can include helping a person to deal with illness as well as looking at helping a person develop…