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June 24, 2018 – 07:19 pm
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Health psychology is a new and rapidly evolving area, and can be defined as the practice and application of psychological methods to the study of behaviour relevant to health, illness and healthcare.

For example, health psychologists may study:

  • when and why people seek professional advice about their health
  • why healthcare professionals do or do not recommend preventative measures
  • how patients and healthcare professionals interact
  • how patients adapt to illness
  • the links between perception, health behaviour and physical functioning.

Working as a health psychologist

Health psychologists focus on public health problems, healthcare provisions and responses to illness. These issues may be identified by healthcare agencies (including NHS trusts and health authorities), health professionals (such as GPs, nurses and rehabilitation therapists) and organisations and employers outside the NHS.


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    • Well stress can affect the immune system in many ways. As someone else said it can increase blood pressure. There has also been evidence to show that it causes stomach ulcers and many other problems which reduce someone's life expectancy and makes them more susceptible to headaches, heart disease, cancer and so on.