Forensic Psychology Degree Online

January 23, 2020 – 10:48 am
PsyD in Forensic

Forensic Psychology involves the interface of law and psychology. The specialization inForensic Psychology allows a student to gain a wide grasp of the issues facing psychologists who deal with the legal system. There are opportunities for career enhancement and expansion. Forensic Psychology is a fast growing and dynamic area within the mental health and psychology field.

Eisner Institute for Professional Studies (EIPS) offers a variety of online forensic psychology degrees. EIPS is approved by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education. We offer graduate degrees in psychology, as well as certificate programs.

EIPS offers an online forensic psychology degree. After completing the program, a Master of Arts (MA) or Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree is awarded.

There are several specialized forensic psychology online courses including: Expert Witness testimony, and Psychology of Criminal Behavior.

With an online forensic psychology degree there are a myriad of career opportunities in the forensic psychology arena including teaching, research, trial and jury consulting, law enforcement consultation and mediation services. After obtaining a forensic psychology degree online, a graduate can begin a new chapter in their career.

A student can take the forensic psychology degree online at the master’s or doctoral level. We do apply transfer credits from our master’s to the doctoral program. This will significantly decrease the time to obtain the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) specialization in Forensic Psychology.

Our exciting and unique courses allow a student to focus on a variety of topics in the civil, criminal and family law area. Our program is not only national but is international. This allows interaction with students who are in a variety of jurisdictions.


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  • avatar What type of work can you do with a PsyD in psychology?
    • There are a hundred different things. And none of them differ from what a Ph.D. can do. Generally speaking PsyDs and PhDs in psychology are compensated equally.
      That said, a PsyD can do psychological evaluations, they can provide treatment, they can teach, they can consult, they can supervise, they can profile, they can do research... A PsyD can work in a hospital, prison, mental institution, community center, university, research institute, school, the military, private practice, etc. It is an extremely versatile degree with many possibilities.

  • avatar What is the difference between a MA and a Psy.D in forensic psychology? | Yahoo Answers
    • the MA would be a masters and the PsyD a doctoral degree. the psyd would allow you to teach at a college level.

  • avatar PsyD in forensic psychology? | Yahoo Answers
    • I do not have the accurate answer, but I could share some of the information that I learned with you. I looked into PsyD in Forensic and found out that there are things that you can not do with this degree. There is a reason why it is different than a PHD. If you are going to go to school for that long you may as well invest in a PHD and make it worth your time in having all options in your career and not just some.