What is forensic neuropsychology as opposed to clinical neuropsychology?

November 13, 2021 – 10:41 am
Forensic Neuropsychology?

While clinical neuropsychologists practice within the healthcare domain, providing services in the context of a doctor-patient relationship to patients and their physicians or other healthcare specialists, a clinical neuropsychologist may also have expertise within the forensic area and may provide forensic neuropsychological services. Forensic neuropsychological services are provided to inform a legal proceeding. While these services are sometimes provided at the direct request of the person to be evaluated, they are usually requested by a third party (e.g., the court, an attorney, or a worker’s compensation insurance company). In these cases, the neuropsychologist’s client is the third party, and the information generated from neuropsychological examination is provided to the third party.

The most common referral for forensic neuropsychological examination is related to personal injury cases involving brain injury. The examination is useful for establishing whether or not the brain was injured, the extent and nature of injury if present, the effect of such on daily life, and prognosis.

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  • avatar How do I obtain a copy of my forensic evaluation reports?
    • These generally are not released to the parties, but kept in the court file as in your situation. The reason for this is these reports often contain private information of other parties, such as the other side in your case, or third parties that were contacted in reference to the evaluation. However, if the evaluation contains nothing but your personal information, you should be able to get a copy from the evaluator directly by signing a HIPAA release.

  • avatar How long does a forensic evaluation last in a child sexual abuse take? | Yahoo Answers
    • Since children are reluctant to divulge information it is more of a process than an event. In other words it can take multiple visits to establish the validity or lack of concerning the reported abuse. Sessions with younger children typically last around 30 minutes. Older children around 45 minutes at best.