Forensic Psychology Bachelors DegreeMay 31, 2018 – 07:03 pm

Forensic Psychology Bachelors Degree

A bachelor s degree in forensic psychology might prepare you for a career as a court liaison or victim advocate, among other jobs; however, you ll need additional education and training to work as a forensic psychologist. Keep reading to learn about bachelor s programs in forensic psychology and career possibilities. Schools offering . Bachelor s Programs in Forensic Psychology Forensic psychology covers the area where criminal justice and psychology… US Wars pow mia from all Wars.

Forensic Psychology ScholarshipsMay 13, 2018 – 06:56 pm

Forensic Psychology Scholarships

The Early Career Scholarship awarded by the American Academy of Forensic Psychology (AAFP) is designed to assist early career forensic diplomate candidates. The Scholarship applies to candidates applying for forensic board certification within two years of completing an approved postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology. To receive the Scholarship: The applicant must have completed a postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology approved by…

Jobs for Psychology MastersMay 7, 2018 – 06:56 pm

Jobs for Psychology Masters

Just as there are many types of psychologists, there are also many types of counselors. The chart below shows average annual earnings nationwide for several counseling specialties. School counselors and guidance counselors are the top earners in this category. Average Salaries for Counselors by Specialization Substance Abuse Counselor Marriage and Family Therapist National Salary for Psychologists According to, the following states and areas…

Top Forensic Psychology ProgramsApril 19, 2018 – 06:50 pm

Top Forensic Psychology Programs

Welcome to Forensics-School’s list of the top 10 forensic psychology colleges in America. After much deliberation and research, we’ve narrowed down here the US colleges that offer, in our humble opinion, the best degrees in the application of psychology to the law: forensic psychology. All of our ranked schools have three things in common. They are broad-based, which a good liberal arts college should be. They are all world-recognized, if not in their…

George Washington University Forensic ScienceApril 13, 2018 – 06:48 pm

George Washington University Forensic Science

Admission deadlines: Fall – April 1 (February 1 for M.F.S. applicants applying for assistantships/fellowships) Spring – October 1 (Spring admission available for Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigations only) Standardized test scores: GRE general test (institutional code 5246) required for M.F.S. program; waived for applicants who hold a J.D., M.D., or Ph.D. GRE not required for graduate certificate program. Recommendations required: One (1)…

Forensic Psychology Ph.DMarch 26, 2018 – 06:45 pm

Forensic Psychology Ph.D

The Post-doctoral Residency (Fellowship) Program in Forensic Psychology offers residents a year of seminars and supervised clinical and research experiences that are intended to prepare scientist-practitioners for a career as Forensic Psychologists. We anticipate that we will have 3 positions for the 2015-2016 Academic year (September - August). The Program is directed by Ira K. Packer, Ph.D. Entering its 27th year, the Residency Program is administered…

Forensic Psychologist Education RequirementsJanuary 25, 2018 – 06:14 pm

Forensic Psychologist Education Requirements

Forensic psychologists are often called as expert witnesses in criminal trials. Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images Psychologists are professionals who study and interpret human behavior. Forensic psychologists work with criminals by analyzing their actions to determine the mental profile and thought processes that drive them. Their work often aids in criminal investigations and tracking serial criminals. Education and Training All psychologists need at…