April 27, 2020 – 09:32 am

Appearance reflects internal emotional state. Psychologist must take care not only of what is inside his thoughts, but also think about how his appearance affects clients’ perception.

You need to understand that a successful specialist can afford more, and in the process of achieving success (a certain flow of clients), you need to realize that certain appearance features can both help professional advancement and inhibit it. Of course, client’s thoughts about specialist’s appearance are often only projections, and they can be used in work.

Clothing recommendations are more individual. But in general, it should not have a sexual appeal, it should not be tight, drawing attention to the curves of the figure, obviously expensive, full of brands. It’s good if there is some interesting detail, the harmony of color and cut, as in wholesale church suits, the clothes are not too gray and boring, but still this is better than concentrating the client’s attention.

The older the specialist, the more attentive to the choice of clothing. Even if the eighties are in fashion, and you have something left from there, you need to wear it with caution: now all the same, the clothes are different and people wear it differently. It is not necessary that the client have unnecessary thoughts that the psychologist is stuck in the past, does not live in "here" and "now."

Important: psychologist’s clothes should talk about gender and show that everything is in order with gender identity. The sense of taste and harmony in clothes depends on the level of development of the kinesthetic analyzer, which plays a huge role in the work of a psychologist. The client may not know this, he instantly “grasps” external image and concludes whether the person suits him as a psychologist or not.

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay