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December 8, 2015 – 02:20 am

There is a great deal of information out there on scientific topics. However, whether it can be trusted or not is a key issue at present. The main question that often emerges in this aspect is about the review process adopted to screen the articles for publication. One of the most acceptable and proven process adopted in majority reputed international journals is peer reviewing.

Benefits of peer-review:

  1. • Establishes the legitimacy of exploration based upon the expert information of different specialists in the order, consequently averting adulterated work from being acknowledged within an area of study.

    • Provides significant criticism with the intention that scientists can revise and enhance their papers before Publication.

    • Enables Journal editors to select the most important research findings for publication in their journals, based upon the subject, independent reviews of an expert group.

    • The process of peer review is comprehended and acknowledged by the majority of researchers. The forum includes experts, those who have common area of interest, expertise and experience to evaluate the work to be published. The reviewers will be given priority utmost to reflect the appraisals of a research work and to extract the potentialities of the researcher.

All OMICS Group International journals are subjected a single blind peer review with a view to abide by the overall aim and scope of the organization and to fulfil the need for diffusing knowledge across learning and practicing areas in scientific disciplines. The peer-review process is done by esteemed reviewers with an in-depth knowledge of the specialized discipline and purpose of the process. In order to encourage maximum participation from part of the reviewers, OMICS Group International awards scientific credits based on manuscripts handled and the exemplary timelines by the authors.

The tracking system used by OMICS Group International for a peer-review of scientific journals meets the criteria of an international editorial manager system. This provides greater flexibility and degree of transparency at each level, with respect to the authors, editors, and reviewers respectively. The standard peer review process is also essential from the perspective of members of OMICS Group International editorial board, who takes the responsibility in shaping the open access articles to meet the international standards of open access journals.

Peer-reviewed articles are assessed and critiqued by the scientists and experts in the same field after the article is distributed for review. An author is expected to incorporate the suggested changes prior to publication. This process enriches the content and improves the quality of the presentation considerably.

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  • avatar Hi! Does anyone know where I can get FREE peer reviewed online journals for students with LD,ED,MR? | Yahoo Answers
    • Check out your closest city library's website, and see what sorts of online reference information they have. I did most of my MA thesis research from online copies from most of the big Sp.ed. publications - JABA, JSp.ed., etc.
      EBSCOhost, ERIC and InfoTrac are 3 reference databases I used extensively. Also check your university's online collection, especially their thesis/dissertations that are cataloged online.
      I was a single mom at the time I did my thesis, so I know what you're going through. Hang in there! You're doing something great!! :) GOOD LUCK!

  • avatar Where can i find? | Yahoo Answers
    • One idea, I don't know about peer reviewed.